Style Reading.
Dress - a strong participant in the nonverbal communication.

Nonverbal Communication by Colours and Shapes

Style Reading is about everything we manage to tell others about ourselves and our intentions through the way we dress. It is about the very detailed picture we subconsciously paint of others' personalities just from glancing at them for a split second. There are many more messages in clothes and the way they are worn than can be found in the writing of a t-shirt front.

You probably know the feeling of other people treating you differently from one day to another or you are having days where you are constantly misunderstood. A major part of the explanation can be found in the signals you send out through the way you dress - and the way your clothes interact with your body language. 

The thing is that the visual part of communication will more often 'speak louder' than the spoken word itself.
A course in Style Reading will focus on giving you a  basic understanding of the 'messages' or signals hidden in shapes, colours and emphasized body parts. The course Style Reading will take form as a lcture or work-shop activities tailored to meet individual wishes. In this way a course could be aimed at giving an over-all picture of the importance of dress as a part of your every day communication. In another scenario the course could become a means for a company to find a dress code  to match that company's image.

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A response to a personal Style Reading, presented in writing and based only on a photograph of the lady:
"..... - this is very exiting to read - and a lot of the things you deduct from Style Reading my picture are things I have previously been told about the impression I leave. That is funny!"
Lene Juul
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