News Letter 12th October 2019 from Høskuldsson Design

Tutorial video on the construction of an English hood, also known as a gable hood.

My experimental reconstruction of an English hood, also known as a gable hood or a pediment headdress, is presented in a tutorial video. The video presents the construction, materials and tailoring techniques used for creating the balance between rigidness and softness as found in two painted portraits and a preparatory drawing by Hans Holbein portraying the English queen Jane Seymour 1536-1637. The construction theories presented are the results of my studies and experiments.

The experiments resulted in some new theories on
  • the number of separate items involved in the headdress
  • the materials used for creating the gabled shape
  • the construction of the ornamented edge
  • the function and construction of the striped frontlet
  • the construction of the diamond shaped bag
The video is an appendix to an article comparing the evolution of the English hood to the evolution of the French hood. The article in question will be published in the international journal Medieval Clothing and Textiles vol. 17. The volume should originally have been available in the spring of 2021, but due to Covid-19 it will not be ready until April 2023. It should be ready for pre-order from January 2023.

English hood aka gable hood

Best regards

Karen Margrethe Høskuldsson

Karen Margrethe Høskuldsson

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